SMVI Last Run Status Failure

Hi All,

I'm using SMVI and I'm getting a status of "failure" for my "last run status".

I don't know where to look to find why it failed?  What should I look for in the logs?  Or is there somewhere else I can look?



Re: SMVI Last Run Status Failure


You could go here C:\Program Files\NetApp\SMVI\server\log

In the log Folder open server.log there you could search for "error" and you would get the exact cause of failure.



Re: SMVI Last Run Status Failure

I get the same thing every night.  There seems to be 1 or 2 servers that timeout but the rest are OK.  But the email comes back saying

the job failed.  Perhaps that is what the OP is having.  Question is, why are some servers timing out?  Especially when said server is a smal

l seldomly used server?