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Storage vMotion in ESX 3.5 with multiple disks in multiple Datastores



I have a customer with 2 disks (VMDK files) in 2 different Datastores (VMFS,FC SAN).

The second disk is for the page file (to shring the volume, improve DeDupe and minimize Snapshot size)

The problem is we need to run Storage vMotion to migrate some of the workload to a new aggregate, but the Storage vMotion tools / plugins we found all migrate the 2 disks ot the same Datastore.

Does anyone know / have experience with a tool that will allow me to map each VMDK to a different datastore in the destination ?

Appreciate any input..

Eran B




Well, probably to late answer to be any good to you in your project, but I'll share my experience anyway.

I assume you are talking about moving the VMDKs while the VM is running? We noticed the same behaviour when using the Storage vMotion plugin (http://code.google.com/p/akutz/downloads/list).

However, we found a workaround. If you in the plugin first move (drag-and-drop) the whole VM to the new datastore then MOVE BACK (drag-and-drop) the VMDK that should stay where it is and not be moved, it worked for us. Seems to be a bug/feature in the plugin.