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SMVI failing to back up VMs - "Another task is already in progress"

Just installed VSC 2.1.1 and have set up a job to run very hour. Of the 6 VMs that reside on the datastore I am trying to backup using the SMVI functionality, only 2 complete. The other 4 servers all fail with the same error:

VMware Task "CreateSnapshot_Task" for entity "<server name>" failed with the following error: Another task is already in progress.

I can rule out any issues with the VMware Management Services as I can manually snapshot each VM. However, this process doesn't quiesce the VM so I followed this articles instructions and all seem fine:


I have tried to log a call with NetApp Support who simply said:

You will have to get a case opened with VMware to get the logs and see what is causing that to fail.  It looks like a VMware error message.

Pretty poor response as far as I'm concerned. I could call VMware, but I expect they would say that as all other VMware functionailty seems fine it is an issue with SMVI. I think I'd agree with that too.

Another, less pressing issue, is the format of of the log entries in the email notifcation - it's in IPv6 format. I've since disabaled IPv6 on the vCenter server but it doesn't change. Quite annoying



Re: SMVI failing to back up VMs - "Another task is already in progress"


Just followed these instructions from VMware to reregister the VMware Snapshot Provider. No change


Re: SMVI failing to back up VMs - "Another task is already in progress"

Think I may have resovled the issue. There is a legacy installation of Symantec BESR on many but not all of the severs. Removing that on one of them fixed the problem.

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