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SMVI login/logout to vCenter seems quite excessive.


Can anyone explain why the SMVI domain account logs in and out of my vCenter every 15 seconds? I manage two sites/vCenters and this happens on both. vSphere 5.1U1 and VSC 4.2. This makes looking at vCenter console events a chore to cut through the sea of "User domain\account@vcenterIP logged in as..." and "User domain\account@vcenterIP logged out" a real pain.



And just found this...


Sorry, should have searched harder. I'd still like to know if we have some options available to us.


Is the SMVI domain account also the same user's credentials that are registered at https://VSC_SERVER:8143/Register.html? If so, the 15s interval is likely caused by Optimization and Migration polling for virtual machine events. Unfortunately, this is not currently easily configurable. If you aren't using Optimization and Migration, you can disable Optimization and Migration by moving VSC_INSTALL_DIR\subplugins\deploy\caster.war outside of the subplugins\deploy directory or renaming it so that it does not end with ".war".

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