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VMware Solutions Discussions

SRA for SRM 4.1?


Does Netapp have an SRA for SRM 4.1, or are we out of luck?



Just for information SRA for SRM 4.1 is up on the SRM 4.1 download site.

The version is 1.4.3 with a revised Release Notes.

A question regarding the adapter, on now there's a 1.4.3P1 version, that solve 2 bugs of 1.4.3. Is this version also good for SRM 4.1 now that 1.4.3 is certified?


I don't see it listed as part of the download it's not listed in the compatibility matrix either.


If you enter in the SRM 4.1 download page now there are download link for Netapp SRA 1.4, 1.4.2 and 1.4.3. There are also the SRA for IBM N-Series.



Any news on this ? SRM 4.1 and vsphere 4.1 are out from 4 weeks now and without the SRA for SRM it's not possible to upgrade to 4.1...


SRM 4.1 has been qualified with SRA 1.4.3.


There's something official about it? I cannot find this information on VMWare or NetApp support sites.

In vmware download page for SRM 4.1 there's no NetApp SRA Available:

On the SRM  storage partner matrix there's no information related to SRA 1.4.3 with SRM 4.1..

I've also double checked release notes and administration guide for SRA 1.4.3 and I've found no information about SRA 1.4.3.

Can you give me a link where where this information is officially released please?

I need to be sure that SRM 4.1 will work with NetApp SRA and is certified because we have all our DR environment running with SRM and if it will not be available it could be a big problem.




I believe the official message is on the way. I know for sure that QA has qualified SRA 1.4.3 with SRM 4.1. Will update when the official message is out.


Any news on the official message about Netapp SRA? It was on it's way out 2 weeks ago.... it's 6 weeks later then most other storage vendor SRA and without it no upgrade to 4.1 is possible for people using SRM.

On vmware SRM download sites it seems that there's a "phantom" SRA adapter listed for netapp and ibm nseries but going to download it there's nothing to download, no version number but the site annunced was different from the size of 1.4.3 and 1.4.3P1 package.

It also seems that this was an error and will be removed from the list of download. Opening a call with vmware I was asked to contact Netapp about this....

This is from SRM 4.1 page (but no download available and it seems to be an error so it will be removed soon):

NetApp NAS & SAN Storage Replication Adapter
File size: 816 KB
File type: .zip
MD5SUM: ae3dee88adf50c4d6b8782763038c987
SHA1SUM: 33ac3206f75625782733eaf4964185def225f197

This is from SRM 4.0.2 (SRA 1.4.3):

NetApp NAS & SAN Storage Replication Adapter 1.4.3
File size: 790 KB
File type: .zip
MD5SUM: 7cb2c62d6d7d864d20109324b7187764
SHA1SUM: 65db20774a6cf8a5e8422cf24b09d7b432ab982b

It's possible to at least have an approximative date of when it will be certified?

Having no word about the SRA adapter while publishing integration and compatibility with vSphere 4.1 is not a nice publicity from my point of view.


Any news on the official announcement?

I saw that there's also a 1.4.3P1 available on now that correct the nfs license bug but no word about the SRM 4.1 certification...


Thanks, I've to wait for the official support announcement.

Waiting to see it soon I hope



Any official news?


I agree with Francesco, this is a deal breaker for us. I had a new datacenter installation, so I downloaded and installed the latest VMware code (4.1), only to find out that there's no officially supported SRA, and no word from NetApp about why it's not supported, when a supported one would be out. Instead of waiting indefinately without SRM working, I decided to rollback to vSphere 4.0 U2. 

The lack of an SRA at release time, or even any official word about it, has delayed our implementation of vSphere 4.1 by at least 6 months (post SRA 4.1 release), probably more like a year.


Any official or unofficial news about this will be appreciated


Still no word about this???

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