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TR-3785 - the hidden gem about IP Storage networking

Hi all,

I am not trying to steal any limelight from Abhinav, who already posted the info about this, fairly new, TR document (http://communities.netapp.com/message/15268#15268), but...

The point is, the doc in my opinion is a kinda of revolutionary in the area of networking. Some of you may be already bored by the term 'Unified Fabric' & automatically assume it is something about FCoE. And as a matter of fact this is not the case this time

What the document shows is a feasible VMware architecture where:

- each ESX host has just 2x 10Gbit NIC

- both IP Storage & 'general' Ethernet traffic is handled by just one couple of Cisco Nexus switches

- no FC and/or FCoE whatsoever

Sweet & simple.

Anyone would like to add some comments re this reference architecture?

Kind regards,


Re: TR-3785 - the hidden gem about IP Storage networking

We're using exactly that with Cisco UCS, Nexus 5010 switches vPC and NetApp 3140 with NFS.

It's so simple, it just works!