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TR-3785 - the hidden gem about IP Storage networking


Hi all,

I am not trying to steal any limelight from Abhinav, who already posted the info about this, fairly new, TR document (http://communities.netapp.com/message/15268#15268), but...

The point is, the doc in my opinion is a kinda of revolutionary in the area of networking. Some of you may be already bored by the term 'Unified Fabric' & automatically assume it is something about FCoE. And as a matter of fact this is not the case this time

What the document shows is a feasible VMware architecture where:

- each ESX host has just 2x 10Gbit NIC

- both IP Storage & 'general' Ethernet traffic is handled by just one couple of Cisco Nexus switches

- no FC and/or FCoE whatsoever

Sweet & simple.

Anyone would like to add some comments re this reference architecture?

Kind regards,



We're using exactly that with Cisco UCS, Nexus 5010 switches vPC and NetApp 3140 with NFS.

It's so simple, it just works!

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