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VSC Installation fails, services will not restart


Hi Guys

need your help with installation issue I have where, just after finishing installation of VSC 2.0 services will not start. Environment is Vcenter 4,0U2 on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 x64. I tried to use diffrent credentional to see if that helps but not. I also get attached messages for SMVI and VSC service while installing...

also restarted the server.

thanks a lot for any pointer





This is probibly the known bug with wrapper.exe i posted a while back. It fails due to a GMT issue if your zone is near japan. You can fix it by downloading a newer wrapper.exe and replacing it (theres a couple).

Was told this was going to get fixed in a update but its been a fairly long while now for a fix for this and the nfs license issue with RCC that are two very large bugs.


Hi Gary Thanks for comments. I mange to find out solution of this issue with the help local support however when wrapper did not fix this issue,I have been told myOS 2003x64 isnot supported!!! Do you have any info on OS support issue?? Thanks Ajay

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