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SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?

Looking to upgrade our existing SRM configuration to SRM version 8.1 (from 6.x), as it is a requirement to move to Vsphere 6.7.  Has anyone had any luck getting the SRA 7.1 adapter to register into SRM 8.1?  I've tried and I can not get it to register correctly (no errors, just doesn't show up in SRM).  I'd even be willing to beta test a new SRA version if there is one, as this is one of the hurdles I need to get over to upgrade our environment to the latest version of Vsphere. 




Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?


Ryan -


You may want to run your configuration through the Interoperability Matrix tool on the NetApp support site:



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Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?

Thanks, I'm more or less looking for an ETA on when NetApp will support 8.x of SRM (aka a new SRA release), as I'm looking to upgrade our environment to take advantage of a few key items that 6.5/6.7 Vsphere provide. 

Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?

Any movement on this?  When is the new SRA going to come out?  The current one doesn't work with VCenter 6.7 which has been out for a while now.  

Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?

Any updates on NetApp SRA and VMware SRM 8.1?

All other storage vendors have their products inter-operate with VMware SRM 8.1, except NetApp.

It's been like 4 months now and not even any news on this.

Is there Beta software that I can participate and try out?

Anyone in this forum can speak for NetApp on this subject? 




Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?



It looks like the VSC/VASA/SRA 7.2.1 dropped this month:



Still doesn't look like it was updated to the VMware Compatibility Matrix, but...


Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?

I've been trying this in the lab and getting the same issue - SRA just isn't detected by SRM. I'm running:


vCenter 6.7.0 build 8170161

vSphere ESXi 6.7.0 build 8169922

SRM 8.2

VSC 7.2.1


vCenter tells me that VASA and SRA are enabled as managed extensions.


Interoperability matrix says VSC 7.2.1 supports these versions of vCenter and vSphere but says nothing about SRM versions.


Re: SRM 8.1 new SRA Adapter?

Try SRM 8.1

I got it to work with Version 8.1.0, Build 9569154