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SV-SMVI running from VSC with vFilers


I am trying to setup SV-SMVI under VSC with vFilers.  The issue I am having is the snapvault baseline was established from vfiler0, not the vFiler itself.  So when the SV-SMVI script is run it seems to get passed the vFiler name and does not see a SnapVault relationship. 


Is this a setting within VSC / SV-SMVI to specify the vfiler0 relationship?



To set this up follow the SnapVault for SMVI User Guide to install SV-SMVI and setup you SnapVault relationships between base filers (vfiler0) as normal.

When you reach the section to setup the sv-smvi.cmd file you need to add an additional switch -svip and specifiy the base filers (vfiler0) ip address. See example below where Primary filers ip address is

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\sv-smvi\sv-smvi.exe" -svuser ****** -svpasswd ******* -svip

Also make sure options httpd.admin.enable on is set on primary and secondary filers.


how would you do this in a HA pair with volumes on both filers? as you can only set the -svip once?


I created a script for each controller that needs to replicate using sv-smvi. Then just assign the applicable script for the backup job your creating, this does mean you need a different job per controller though not really an issue.

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