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SVM Management LIF


Keep in mind this is Ontap 8.2.2P1..


I saw a mgmt LIF on a SVM that was DOWN, ports were oper/admin DOWN


We are FCoE-only on that cluster and I figured the old guy created it years ago for NAS and they never implemented it... so I deleted ithe LIF.. 


VSC backups started failing for VMs using datastores provisioned from storage on that SVM


Didn't put the 2 together until I opened a case with NetApp support.


I re-created the LIF (same IP, ports, home, etc.)... and verified it was definitely DOWN/DOWN... cant ping in or out... but the backups are running fine again.


Does anyone have a punchline for THAT riddle?



It could be no route to host.. 8.2 and prior use a routing table per lif with route show and route rule show... make sure the lif has the route added to it.. 8.3 and higher route per SVM not per lif.


"network interface modify" and modify the route rule needed


Thank you, Scott.. I'm the first to admit my networking knowledge could alway be greater.  So if I'm missing the mark here PLEASE don't hesitate to point out even the obvious with me.


I'm just curious at to WHY a LIF that is DOWN would be necessary for VSC to complete a backup operation involving data on the owning SVM.  


To me its like being able to walk freely in/out of a locked door yet when the door is removed from its hinges you can no longer access the room.



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