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SnapManager for VI 2.0 questions



two questions regarding SMVI 2.0:

a) if a backup (snapshot) fails I know it's marked as an error within the SMVI GUI, but is it possible to forward that alert to other management tools and, if so, how?

b) if you restore a VM to a different datastore do we associate the VM with the new datastore in virtual centre?



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SMVI 2.0 allows you to restore VMDK's to an alternate datastore. While restoring a VM SMVI 2.0 asks for the ESX server details to which you want to restore.



Re: SnapManager for VI 2.0 questions


a) SMVI does not have a way to notify other management tools. I am going to guess you are looking for something like SNMP support. Unfortunately, it is not part of SMVI 2.0. SMVI can be configured to send an email out. If your management tool has a bridge to convert email into a notification in their tool, then you may be able to investigate that route.

b) By associate, are you asking if SMVI 2.0 will register the VM in the new location with vCenter? If that is your question, the answer is no. SMVI 2.0 does not register a VM within VC. That particular functionality is on our road map for an upcoming release.

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Re: SnapManager for VI 2.0 questions


One more response 🙂 ... SMVI 2.0 does not support restoring a VM to an alternate datastore.  As Amrita pointed out, it does support "out of place" VMDK restore, but that out of place restore capability is not yet supported for VMs.  Look for that in the release following 2.0.

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