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VMware Solutions Discussions

Support for vCenter 5.5


We are currently at vCenter 5.0.  I am getting some push to upgrade to 5.1, but with all of the horror stories I have heard about "single sign on", I am hoping to skip 5.1 and go straight to 5.5 (not right away, but in a few months if we hear about no major problems).  Will VSC 4.2 work with vCenter 5.5, or do we have to wait for VSC 5.0 to be released?





As stated by mlisa, VSC 4.2.1 is available on NSS Downloads as of today 10/3.  Go get it!

Please always review IMT and Release Notes, as with any new product offering.

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Unable to see virtual machines to create a back up job. The controllers are not properly identified. Seems like a lot needs to be fixed between VSC 4.2 and VMWare 5.5


This thread was marked answered (since the original question was about which VSC would support vCenter 5.5).

If you're having issues with Backup Jobs, your best bet to get it resolved is to start a new thread for that topic, and then include specific details about the issue and logs.  Or, work with NetApp support to get a case created.




I am also facing several different issues like you guys report here. NetApp clearly lags behind the competition regarding vSphere support.


We are also having the same issue with 4.2.1. Any resolution ? Backup jobs are currently broken and we cannot create new ones.



VSC 4.2.1 will be released very soon. It adds vCenter 5.5 support and some minor updates.

The VSC 5.0 version we demonstrated at VMworld is targeted for release in a few months and provides support for the vCenter web client along with some new functionality for storage policy based management.


We have deployed the VSC 4.2.1 into a test lab and when we run the "NetApp Recommended Settings" on upgraded 5.1 host the box just sits there and never does anything. Has anyone else seen this behavior?



We are having that same issue. Any resolution or updates from NetApp???

Also when we try to edit the a Backup job we get the following error message "Failed to determine privileges for operation: Edit"


Same here


Thanks everyone for the replies.  Sounds like 4.2.1 or 5.5 will be the way to go.  We rely heavily on SnapManager for SharePoint, so I am not going to take the chance of upgrading to 5.5, keeping VSC 4.2, and have it break SMSP.



VMware vSphere 5.5 support will be coming very soon in VSC 4.2.1.


Fantastic news! full steam ahead chaps couldn't come soon enough.


Maness - thanks. Do you have a tentative release date for 4.2.1 and possibly 5.0. Having some type of date will greatly help with the planning on our end.


VSC 5 was demonstrated at VMWorld 2013 and it was understood would be released around the same time.  Since vSphere 5.5 moved away form the VIC for many things, I would expect VSC 5 to be out by now?  Or at least Gold Beta for Partners that need to be ready to support vSphere 5.5


I'm still amazed that no one from NetApp's "virtual team" or someone dealing with VSC has even chimed into give their two cents.  The original post was 4 days ago.  Is there another posting on the communities or forum site that already provided an answer. 

I would have to guess that Netapp has at least tested 4.2 with either the GA or Beta release of Vsphere 5.5 (Esxi 5.5 and vCenter 5.5) and could somewhat give guidance on what may work with 4.2 and what may not work. And also if they recommend waiting to go to VSC 5.0 because 4.2 with vsphere 5.5 is a hit or miss on certain features.  Any feedback from Netapp is greatly appreciated.


Sorry for the late response.  VSC 4.2.1, which will support vSphere 5.5, will be available this Thursday, October 3rd. 


As stated by mlisa, VSC 4.2.1 is available on NSS Downloads as of today 10/3.  Go get it!

Please always review IMT and Release Notes, as with any new product offering.

View solution in original post


Downloaded and ready to go. Keep us updated if any issued discovered.


Fantastic. Thanks for the update much appreciated.


Throw my hat into this ring.  I've been looking all over and have come up with nothing.  I'm also on 5.0U2 looking to skip 5.1.  Do we need to wait for VSC 5.0 or what?

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