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Sys Manager 1.1R1 ( will not assign multiple Igroups to LUN


I created a vmware lun and i have several vmware igroups that need to see this LUN for its datastore.  I was attempting to use the system manager to assign these groups but it will only allow me to assign one group.  I am able to select multiple igroups but it then displays the blinking exclamation mark and says "you can only select one initiator".  I tried adding one initiator and then going back in to add the second but it still errors out.  If I go into the filer view all igroups add and it gives me the option to assign a lun Id with out any issues.

I have double checked that the lun and the initiators I am adding are all set to type vmware.

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?




It is a bug in Sys manager. You can use the Filer view to bypass this error.