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Thin LUNs in shared storage (around 30+ filers)


Hi All,

we have 30+ storage and we are provisioning volume level guarantee and LUN level Thin, snap reserve 20%

if the snap reserve full means it is automatically occupied space in volume.

if volume full means LUN went to offline. it is highly impact multiple server down in ESX VM

my query

all the Location we cant login check separately because it is around 30+ filers.

we got alert from DFM but we need to monitor the particularly volume separately for LUN thin.

kindly any body know the monitor tool for this LUNs reside volume.



hi all can any one gave me solution.


Why do you need "snap reserve" enabled? If your provisioning scenario is just having a single LUN in a volume, ie




then you don't need "snap reserve" enabled, it's just wasting of usable space really.



for ESX LUNs having smvi backup so, snapreserve allocated or volume level space occupie



DFM will generate event for volume full / nearly full and threshold. You could configure alarms for those events.

You could also set snapshot auto delete on filer so that older snapshots are automatically deleted to free up some space on the volume.




thanks for your reply

yes, we have received alert from DFM.

volume full and percentage alert also we are received but not recived continously.

if only volume reached 97% at 1 PM .. this alert will come

but 98 , 99, 100 % reached not come.

so my expectation to monitor the specify volumes with help of some other tools.

for example snapmirror monitor used for snapmirror progress tool

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