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Unable to determine the privilege level of the logged on user


Hello all,

     We upgraded our vSphere to 5.1 Update 1A today and integrated it with Active Directory. Now we cannot get the VSC to function. The error we get:

Unable to determine the privilege level of the logged on user. See the log for more details.

Which log is it referencing?


NetApp Alumni

It is referring to VSC logs. You can export VSC logs using C# vSphere client. Click on Administration -> NetApp -> Export Virtual Storage Console Support Logs.



i`ve got the same problem here

in the vsc.log i can see the following entry

2013-06-18 06:01:10,167 [vFilersPool-927-thread-1] ERROR (ControllerUtil) - invokeZAPI: failed Controller[vf_cifs02(2014735912-0)] API failed. Unable to find API: license-v2-list-info for vfiler vf_cifs02 (errno=13005) (called from com.netapp.exoforce.server.zapi.ControllerUtil7Mode.getLicenses(...) on line 1165)


2013-06-18 06:00:49,149 [controllerPool-8487-thread-1] ERROR (ControllerUtil) - invokeZAPI: failed Controller[vf_cifs02(2014735636-0)] API failed. Unable to find API: fcp-service-status for vfiler vf_cifs02 (errno=13005) (called from com.netapp.exoforce.server.zapi.ControllerUtil7Mode.getSupportedProtocols(...) on line 1086)

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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