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VSC 4.1 - Operation Status Inaccessible after scan


So I've upgraded to 4.1 and do a scan of all the datastores under the scan manager it looks like it completes because its "idle" after a minute or 2. But when I go to the VM Alignment tab, all the VM's show up under Other and the operation status is showing as Inaccessible.

Am I missing something here?



We are having the same issue when trying to do a scan of all the datastores - it comes back and shows all the VM's as inaccessible.

We are running:

vCenter version: 5.1

VSC version: 4.1

Host versions: ESX 4.1u3 and ESXi 5.1

Would someone at NetApp please respond to this?, the previous poster on this thread has been waiting for over a month without a reply!


I have the same issue with VSC 4.0 as well... so 4.1 and 4.0


Sorry for the lagged responses guys!

This sounds like a couple of scanning issues we reported through VSC 4.0 and 4.1, when scans are run against vCenter 5.1.  Most of these issues have been resolved in the updated VSC 4.2, which is currently available via BETA - if you're unable to test out the BETA or would like to have us help you confirm which BURT or configuration issues you might be encountering, please don't hesitate to open a support case with us to get some logs and help out with the diagnosis / troubleshooting.



I have encountered the same issue and upgraded to the newly published VSC4.2.
I now have all of my VM's under "other" category with the annotation that the VMDKs are unaccessible.

help anyone?


Ditto.  Anyone find a solution?  I know a couple of these are misaligned, but I can't move them to the 'optimized' datastore since NetApp says it can't access them.  Have tried moving them all over the place, and even created new dedicated datastores to see if that helped.  Nothing.  On 4.2 here.


If anyone is still encountering issues with scanning after upgrading to VSC 4.2, please refer to the release notes first - i.e. page 43 has a workaround for the scan interval, and the subsequent section explains why it's expected for some VM's to end up in the "other" folder - but if none of the known reasons documented in the release notes or IAG applies to your situation, please file a case with NetApp Support and we will help you resolve the ongoing issues with the scanning problems.


Do the VMs have independent disks or dynamic disks? Page 101 of the VSC Installation and Administration Guide covers various reasons why a VM would be placed in the "Other" folder.


Hey everyone....I have done some digging, can you all verify for me?

(this is for I think, ANY VSC version!)

Check the vmware-tools versions on those hosts that are inaccessible

Check the version of ESXi that your are running.

From what I have found, it looks like the version of ESXi should be on par with the vmware-tools package

i.e. if ESXi 5.1, then tools should be version 9.0.x

if ESXi 5.0, then tools should be version 8.6 (or higher)

I am seeing a few VMs with 5.0 tools on esx5.1 and they are inaccessible vmdks. I have not yet upgraded to vmware-tools 5.1, but I would like to know if you see the same thing and put this thread to rest.

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