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VSC 4.2.1 - Blank Screen on "Scan Manager" and "VM Alignment"


VSC 4.2.1 running on 2008 R2 Server.

I get a blank (ie "pure white") screen when opening the Scan Manager and Virtual Machine Alignment screens within vSphere.

All other tabs within VSC are functioning properly. I can confirm I can browse to the netapp web from my client machine by navigating to https://hostname:8143. Between this an the fact all other tabs are working, I do not think this is a firewall issue.

Any suggestions on where to look? I've tried this on multiple client machines to the same result.



I ran across this issue in 4.1.  I stumbled across the solution that worked for me,  The issue was on the Client side.  (My workstations where the vsphere client was running from)


I found that once I removed the “Chrome frame” program which included the “chrome frame” plug-in in IE, that it solved my issue. 

I reinstalled the Chrome frame program again to validate the solution and again the tab stopped working and removing it again solved the issue.

Hope that helps


Hi Jonathan and JJ,

The only time i've seen this is when a firewall or antivirus is causing issues. I know you mentioned this doesn't seem firewall related to you however trying to load this locally from the host VSC is installed on would be a good test to verify.

Let me know if this helps.


I'm having this same issue with a fresh 4.2.1 install. On any other view, like datastores and clusters view, I can access the netapp datastore provisioning wizard, but on anything where I need the full interface, Hosts and Clusters clicking on the netapp tab, or switching the view to View > Solutions and Applications > Netapp, I get an hourglass for about a minute and the screen stays completely white.


it's exactly the same for me...

no answer available???

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