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VSC 5.0 Backup overview


We've installed Virtual Storage Console 5.0 in our vSphere environment. We can see backups created with VSC on each server, but I cannot find an overview page of all my VSC backups. I know there was one in 4.2.1 (non vSphere Web Client).

Does anyone know if it's still there? Thanks!


Re: VSC 5.0 Backup overview

I can see a options to see all the "Backup Jobs", but I would like to see all my "Backups" that I created.

Maybe there is a PowerCLI script for to get this kind of list but it would be nice if there's an option in the GUI for it.

Re: VSC 5.0 Backup overview

Hi Basisinfra,

This is all context based now so it's easier to find out what backups exist based off the object that needs to be restored, it's certainly still here though. Here's how to display this info from the vSphere web GUI:

Open up the "VMs and Templates" or "Storage" inventory view and select a specific datastore or VM. From here you can click on a "Related Objects" tab in the middle of the screen and then you should be able to see the "Backups" button right below.

Or if you prefer there's a youtube video as well which goes into a bit more detail on backup and restores in VSC 5.0 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-2dfkojfeU&index=4&list=PLdXI3bZJEw7m7ZudRmRZ9F-99RUFWFagf

Hope this helps

Re: VSC 5.0 Backup overview

Hi Cole Stickle, thank you for your reply! I can see that you can see the snapshots from each Datastore, but what I am looking for is a view where I can see all my snapshots, now I have to click every Datastore 1 by 1 to view where my snapshots are. I wana see my snapshots (all of them, doesn't matter on which datastore) on 1 screen.

Re: VSC 5.0 Backup overview

I've been looking around in VSC 5.0 and I think I found something which displays what you are looking for here.

If you go into vCenter inventory you can open up the datacenter view, right click on your datacenter and select mount backups from the VSC context menu. This page will show all the available snapshots that were taken by VSC and since you are viewing this at a datacenter level this should show you all the snapshots taken by VSC for any backup job created within that datacenter.

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Re: VSC 5.0 Backup overview

Hi Cole Stickle, yes this is a view that I am looking for! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I can work with this!

It would be nice if NetApp put this in a view within the main page and where you also can delete your snapshots! But for now this will do!

Re: VSC 5.0 Backup overview

Awesome! Glad I could help.

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