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VSC 5.0 not showing all vfilers and no resizing is possible


Hello all,

the title describes two different problems that we have, but I think they have nothing to do with each other. First Problem is that VSC is not showing all available

vfilers in the storage overview although all storagecontrollers are configured and shown, but only a part of the configured vfilers that are hosting the NFS Datastores

are visible. Never the less, the related datastores provided by the "invisible" vfilers are shown in vSphere and are productive. We are running VSC 5.0 on vCenter 5.5 Update 1

and ONTAP 8.2.1 on all 8 storage controllers. Recollecting and rescanning was done several times without any change and all controllers and vfilers are (obviously)

configured in the same way. Any ideas?

Secondly it is not possible to resize any datastore by using the VSC although the provisioning ressources (Volume and Aggregate) on the controller were edited to

be modified. You can change the value (GB) but the OK button is greyed. We are doing this with the Administrator User which is also in the Administrator Group,

which automatically is assigned to the role "VSC Admin". Any ideas here as well?

Thanks in advance






we´ve got also the resize problem.


If you typing in a value the "OK" button stays grey, the up / down buttons are adding an "01" to the actual value.


No difference between IE and Firefox.


Thanks in advance



Hi, did you get anywhere with your vFiler issue? I have a customer with a very similar issue running on exactly the same versions as yourself. Smells like a bug to me but can't find any public burts logged that match.

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