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VSC 6.0 issues creating backups




I will try to summarize as much as possible:

- One vCenter (Version 6) - it manages 2 Datacenter Clusters (all hosts run ESX Version 6)

- VSC (Version 6) is installed on the vCenter, both Clusters and Storage SVMs are discovered and added, all recommended settings (NFS, etc.) have been applied and the NFS plugin is installed on all hosts

- Datacenter 1 VMs are hosted on a 2552 HA 8.3 Cluster

- Datacenter 2 VMs are hosted on a 2520 HA 8.3 Cluster



Backups/Recovery/Resizing datastores etc. work fine within Datacenter 1.


Backups/Recovery does not work within Datacenter 2.

The only tasks work within Datacenter 2 is provision new datastores, rezining and destroying them. Also starting Dedupe works.


When trying to backup a VM this error appears:

"Did not find any of the datastores or virtual machines to backup. Storage system(s) may need to be added or the virtual machine(s) are being migrated."


When trying to backup a whole datastore this error appears:

"Did not find any of the following datastores or virtual machines to backup: [netfs://]


The NFS datastores are mounted through a dedicated vlan. The vcenter is on another vlan and can't ping the datastores (and I mean all datastores, no matter if from Datacenter 1 or 2).

Both of the NetApps are reachable through other interfaces (in the same vlan as vcenter).



Any idea what could cause this issue?



I have a ticket open since 2 days but no response yet.



Many thanks!






Do you have a management LIF for the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) in Datacenter 2(2520 HA 8.3 Cluster) ,if not add one.
Backup and Recovery cannot discover datastores on Vserver without a management LIF


Hope this helps!



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the SVMs responsible for NFS datastores have 1 LIF.

The checkbox "Enable Management Access" is checked.


It`s the same for both Datacenters/NetApps.


And btw. I added both NetApps with the IP of their cluster_mgmt interface.

As written before the Storage SVMs are in a VLAN that only the ESX hosts can see.


vCenter can only access them by their cluster_mgmt interface IPs.


Hi Thomas


Did you find a resolution to this problem? I'm having the same issue with VSC.



I experienced this issue with VSC 6.1.  The solution is to create a dedicated management LIF on the SVM.  A Data LIF with management capabilities won't cut it because it will show up in VSC with the LIF Type of "Data LIF," and consequently, VSC won't use it.  After I created a dedicated management LIF I could successfully perform backups.


Resolved the issue - 

First I created a dedicated management LIF, but still had the same issue. Post which I did rediscovery of all storage systems (Update All option from VSC) that allowed me to take backups


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