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VSC 6.1 upgrade issue


Hello all!


I got an issue after upgrading from VSC 4 to VSC 6.1.

After upgrade I don't see any controllers, backup jobs or hostory in VSphere.

Looking in the logs it looks like VSC finds filers and volumes etc. But they are not shown in Vsphere.

Even adding a controller is successfull but remains unvisable in the Vsphere web client.


Setup is:

Vsphere 5.5

VSC 6.1

VSC installed as stand alone registered to one V-center server. (We do run Vsphere in linked mode)


Any ideas?

Best Regards



Re: VSC 6.1 upgrade issue


In addition I can say it seems that backup schedules are executed.

Re: VSC 6.1 upgrade issue


If you're trying to use VSC 6.1 in the thick client, then it will not work.  VSC 6.0+ will only work from within the vSphere web client.


The best thing to do in this instance is to open a support case.  Please post the support case and I can monitor it.

Re: VSC 6.1 upgrade issue


Thanks Eric,


As we needed it to work befoe the weekend I decided to uninstall it and revert back to 4.2.


I will make another attempt later on.



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