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VSC 6.2.1 P1: Incomplete Netapp Storage System detection



we are currently investigating why our VSC 6.2.1P1 doesnt backup VMs anymore as soon as they were migrated once. Migration processes are complete but during backup cycle there are log-entries like: WARN - Virtual machine {vmname} is currently migrating and will not be backed up


(Filer FAS8020 with clustered Ontap 8.3.2P9 with NFS-exports for vsphere 6.5 hosts, vcenter 6.5 vcs-aplliance, no snapcenter, just smvi-backup)


Now our problem might be the result of an uncomlete detection / integration of our netapp-filer. We added the filer to VSC by using the FAS-cluster management IP interface using an administrative account.

- VSC Storage system summary shows all privileges are allowed.

- "Related objects" of that storage system lists no hosts, no SVMs and no NAS datastores.

- "Related objects" of that storage system lists all interfaces, except cluster management and interconection interfaces. The nfs-export interfaces with our vmware-volumes-SVMs are listet as "Data-LIF".


Adding the storage system or manually selecting "Update Host and Storage data"triggers task "Netapp Storage discovery" which completes in about 2-3 seconds. This task should recognize three of ten NetappSVMs and ten NFS/NAS-datastores and six VM hosts which are using these SVMs and datastores, but it doesnt.


Any ideas were to look or what could be the reason?





Garbage.  When will we see a stable release?


 Hit the same issue even with the D patch code on two different enviornments, this is really starting to be a problem. I have a demo tomorrow and will now be relying on lab on demand...






is there any new Version?

The Backup function don't work, everytime I get an Error Message in vCenter "MethodFault.Summary".

The VSC creates an Snapshot and try to backup but then it breaks and run into error.


Thank you.


Please contact NetApp support if you're experiencing issues with the product. Opening a support case with NetApp support will enable you to get assistance towards resolution. Additionally, reporting issues through support is the first step to getting product fixes implemented.


rSorry, calling support is the wrong answer.  That will not drive Netapp to fix anything.  i'd rather cause greif here.  Please respond properly to the request your users have posted ot just get rid of forums altogether.


After upgrading to 6.2.1P1D1 storage and host discovery is completing successfully.

Under 6.2.1P1 VSC reported that all ESXi 6.5 Hosts are operating in maintenance mode. -> No discovery / no backups


Does anyone have problems with newly created backup jobs under VSC 6.2.1P1D1?

Right now looks like there are only working for a limited amount of time.


I newly installed VSC on WIndows Server 2012 R2 and registered the VSC on the vCenter, if I want to Provision Datastore on the ESXi 6.5 Hosts I get an error that my Hosts are in Maintenance Mode. I installed 3 Versions of VSC but it doesn't work. Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance


Try the D2




Let us know if it corrects.





This version solved my problem! Thank you!!!


Hi, do you have any news about this issue? I'm having the same problem but I don't have the LSI driver as the hosts are HP and don't use LSI drivers.





I was notified today that engineering has released VSC patch release (6.2.1P1D1) for burt 1069251 "Multiple failure: Provision datastore, Host discovery, Backup datastore". Click here to download VSC patch release (6.2.1P1D1)


Thank you very much!


Have a great weekend!


Same issue with ONTAP 9.1P1 on FAS8040 cluster, with vSphere 6.5.


List of issues:

  1. On Summary screen of VSC, Storage System Discovery Status displays “No Data Available”.
  2. Under Storage Systems section, only the cluster displays, SVMs do not display.
  3. In Related Object screen, only the Interfaces tab displays content. However, cluster mgmt. lif is missing.

This is a customer lab test of VSC pre-production.



Hi Wade,

I have a already case open. Until now we have found out the following: our ESXi Server uses lsi_mr3-driver to access its RAID controller. As long as this driver is active, VSC can not get needed information from ESXi-hosts. At VSC-Server in logfile "vsc.log" lines appear like "ERROR (Viapi) - RemoteException: Unable to get information for youresxserverhostname
java.rmi.RemoteException: Exception in WSClient.invoke:;" when you are doing a discovery.


If you are using Cisco UCS Server you can switch to another driver as workaround:




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