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VMware Solutions Discussions

Java errors with VSC


Receiving the attached error when trying to do ANYTHING in VSC 6.1 in vSphere Web Client 6 on vCenter/vSphere 6.1u1.


faultString:'org.springframework.remoting.RemoteConnectFailureException :
Could not connect to HTTP invoker remote service at [null];
nested exception is
Connection refused: connect' faultDetail:'null'

Does anyone have any ideas?






I just reregistered the VSC with vCenter by going to https://localhost:8143/Register.html and providing credentials that have admin provs on vcenter.


Issue has not happened on all of our installs...but no idea what we're doing different across installs yet.  Anybody figure out what's causing this?


The issue seems to be the VSC service (Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere Server - NVPF) doesn't start after a reboot.  It is set to [Automatic] but it attempts to start before the necessary vCenter services are running and gives up. This explains why it would work after installation but after a reboot it'd stop and throw the fault error. I manually started the VSC service then opened a new web client session and no errors when accessing the VSC summary page.


The fix I used to handle the reboot was to add a service dependency to the VSC service. I chose the vSphere Web Client service which is one of the last vCenter services to start.


Open a PowerShell session using "Run As Administrator" then enter the following command:


     & sc.exe config NVPF depend= vspherewebclientsvc


(There is a <Space> after the equal sign)


I have rebuilt and rebooted the vCenter multiple times and it has worked every time. Tested with vSphere 6.0 Update 1b and VSC 6.1 on Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2012, and Windows 2008 R2.



We've also been seeing this issue on some of our VSC 6.1 installations as well.  We're alternating between a different issue (where the VSC 6.1 menu items do not appear at all in the WebClient after installing it) and this issue where anything you click in the VSC menu items generates this strange Java error that you then have to ackowledge.  We're working with NetApp to try and resolve...but don't have any resolutions right now.


-> Using a windows vCenter (6.0.0U1a)

-> Windows vCenter & VSC 6.1 both installed/running on OEM (non-hardened or locked down, patched, etc.) Windows 2012 Server R2 OS



Hi there, we have same error

Our build:

Windows Server 2012R2

vCenter Server 6.0.0 Update 1 6.0 U1 2015-09-10 3018524 3040890

vSphere Web Client Version 6.0.0 Build 2997665

NetApp VSC 6.1.5250.0

Please help fix it.


Anybosy have any solution here?


Same error for me.


I called support and we found a solution.


Keep in mind the circumstances:

1) this began for us by our Vcenter server running out of disk space. I didn't realize this was the beginning at first.

2) We are running VSphere 5.5 and VSC 5.0


Appearanly, there is an internal netapp support article that describes Vcenter running out of disk space and causing the VCS installation to become corrupted. the article at the time pertained to VSC 2.0 but I think the engineer was going to get that changed after my call.


The fix was to:

1) backup the c:\program files\netapp\virtual storage console\smvi\server\repository folder. This will backup your SMVI jobs.
2) uninstall and delete the c:\program files\netapp directory.
3) Reinstall VSC.
4) restore the repository folder
5) restart services


Uninstall/reinstall was the fix for me. VSC 6.1 on vCenter 6.0 on Win2012R2.


Before reinstalling, I followed this guide to remove the VSC plugins from the vCenter server. When prompted to login, use a vCenter account with administrative privileges.


Also, Windows will sometimes not allow you to delete the c:\program files\netapp directory, but as a long as any remaining folders are empty, you should be good to go.

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