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VSC and OnCommand Plugin for VMWARE limits?



IHAC that wants deploy a VSphere environment with about 1500 VMs, with a grow estimantion up to 2000 VMs or more.

Looking at the documentation available, i cannot find the max limit for SMVI as max number of Datastore, max VM, or max backup or retention.

Please, the customer wants an official answer on this matter, so do you know where i can find those information ?

Thanks in advance.





I believe the official statement is SMVI supports the same number of VMs and Datastores as vCenter. However there are some practicalities that you should consider. First, VMWare snapshots on that many VMs may not be possible. I would strongly consider discussing disabling the VMware generated snapshots which will allow SMVI to scale much better. Perhaps create seperate jobs that snapshot only the VMs that you feel need that quiecing.  Second, try to minimize the number of jobs stored in SMVI, if possible try to group multiple datastores together into simpler jobs.

Backup the SMVI server folder. With that many VMs it is possible for database corruption on the SMVI server which would be a real pain. Back up the server folder so a restore is possible.



Hello Kethia,

thanks for the answer. I Believe too but the problem is that i cannot find any detailed documentation. The customer wants an official answer that i cannot provide.