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VSC and VASA Integration - vcenter 6 - Permissions and Registration issue




After building a new setup that run 6.0, I am seeing 2 issues that seem to either deal with permissions or something else and can't seem to find a solution out there for them:


1. It seems that whenever I try to provision a vvol, it throws a permissions issue (below) and I can't see anything in the docs about any special permissions needed or how to correct this - thoughts? This seems like it shouldn't be hampered by permissions. I have tried to login locally, with domain admin creds, and with the SSO login - none seem to work:




2. In an attempt to try and unregister/re-register the VP, I get the following error which doesn't seem correct since VSC is running, operational, and allowed me to register it in the first place - not sure if there is a way to unregister manually or fix this? Seems like an odd issue given the serivce is running and I can operate within VSC:




Curious if others have hit these issues trying to test and utilize vvols with vcenter 6.0?


Any help/advice is appreicated. Thanks!



You may want to have a look at the VVols Cookbook, located here, which has a section near the end on troubleshooting.  In particular, if you haven't already, try rebooting vCenter...or at a minimum restart the SPS service.





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Thanks Andrew. I had the 1.4 version of that cookbook, so just took a look at the 1.6 version. I have already tried to reboot and restart those processes (amongst others) to no avail. I could try the manual way of unregistering the VP as described in the guide, but I'm not really sure that is my issue to be honest. Is there a specific setup that is required for permissions with VSC? 


I didn't have this issue last time and I installed it the same way - that's why I ask. I might just try to uninstall all of VSC and re-install. What usually happens there is that is remembers the VP registration from having done this before...which I would suspect is OK in this case. The VP is up and running and I can log into it and run commands and I am using the same VP in another cluster just fine. 


If you have any other thoughts, let me know. I will try to uninstall and re-install it and let you know. thanks. 




Hi Andrew, 


An uninstall/reinstall didn't fix the issue. I have tried the storage array discover with and without TLS, discovered just the SVM I am trying to access, and still haven't had any luck past that permissions issue above. I can't find any hits on that error out there so wasnt' sure if you had any knowledge on what specific permissions it is looking for that could be checked/granted to get past that error....it seems like it should be easy to just grant permissions and get around that error...but not sure if I am trivializing it too much or not 🙂


thanks for any advice!


Hi echolaughmk,


I have similar issues with my setup. (Clustered Netapp array, vCenter 6, VSC6, VASA 6).


After setting everything up, VASA menu and 'VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP' under VCS 6 don't show up on vSphere Web Client.


If I want to unregister the VASA provider I get the same error as you: "Unable to connect to Virtual Storage Console. Please make sure that the Virtual Storage Console server is running."

Reinstalling VSC didn't cleared the configuration.


Did you managed to get this error fixed? Any ideas?






Hi razvo, 


Is your VP OVA only registered to this vcenter setup? the VASA Provider can only be registered to a single vcentner as a start. 


Since the part you are missing is with the VSC console, it almost sounds like your VP OVA still needs to be registered with vsphere. I did get mine fixed by gutting the VASA setup and re-deploying fro scratch. There is a section in the cookbook I used to gut the VP since it wasn't working through the VSC (very buggy I agree):


How to unregister VASA VP when VSC thinks it is registered but menus don’t show up
1. Open the vSphere Managed Object Browser by pointing your web browser to
2. Click (more…) to see all registered extensions.
3. Look for
extensionList["com.netapp.vasa.webclient"] Extension
extensionList["com.netapp.vasa.vvol.webclient"] Extension
4. Click UnregisterExtension
5. Enter com.netapp.vasa.vvol.webclient
6. Click Invoke Method.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for the com.netapp.vasa.webclient extension.
Note: Later versions of the VP only have one extension.
8. You can now reregister the VP using VSC  Configuration  Register/Unregister VASA Vendor
9. On the vCenter server, restart vmware-sps and vsphere-client services.
10. Log out of vSphere Web Client and log back in again.



Once I did that and deleted the OVA and re-deployed (I picked another IP as well), upon following the same steps again, it worked better. In my initial issue, I had the VP registered to 2 of my virtual environments which worked and then stopped working over time and after opening a case with NetApp, I was told that it is unsupported to have a VP registered to anything more than one vcenter. 





Yeah .. it makes sense now! The VP appliance was previosely registerd with a different vCenter.


I cleaned up the existing configuration using the steps provided in the cookbook, redeployed the VP and reinstalled the VCS.

Now it works as expected.


Very buggy product, I agree!


Thank you for the help!