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VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Upon my first run of a VSC 5.0 install (upgraded from 4.2.1) in the web client, my screen stays grey with this message at the top:

"This web client is connected to more than one vCenter server.  Virtual Storage Console does not support this configuration"

I have two vCenter servers running in linked mode.  Am I dead in the water here?


Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Officially, VSC does not support Linked Mode vCenter.  Never has.

Dead in the water?  No.  You can run unique installs of VSC on a per-vCenter basis.  Let me look into "how" exactly for you, with regards to the web client.

Backstory: Support for Linked Mode has been floating around as a request for some time.  There has been a lot of back and forth with VMware about the future of federated vCenter management, and whether Linked Mode was the way forward.  That decision hasn't been made, so we've opted to wait until that time and prioritize other features above it.

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

I realize that VSC doesn't support linked mode itself; I've always run two copies of it (one for each vcenter server).  When your method of interacting with VSC was through the classic client plugin, I just selected which instance to connect to (and that was fine).

What I am seeing now, though, is the web client detects a linked mode install and doesn't let me work at all.

Honestly linked mode is just a convenience and I can live without it if necessary; but it feels like it's for a silly reason   It would be great if I could just have VSC (via the web client) just look at one server at a time, like with VSC 4.2.1.

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?


Same Problem herer. New Installation VSC 5.0 and Virtual Center 5.5 Linked Mode. After Registration the VC in VSC nothing happens in the Web Client.

"This web client in connected to more than on Vcenter server, Virtual Storage Console does not support this configuration"

Loading storage system details ... and nothin happens in Web Client ?

Any Workarounds ?


Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

I've turned off linked mode on my setup this morning (I'm sure some of the admins are going to yell ).  Upgraded my second system and I can see VSC now.

However on the first system, I am still seeing the above error even though linked mode has been disabled.  Restarted services to no avail, thinking I might have to do a reinstall of VSC.

UPDATE:  After a reinstall and a restart of the vSphere Web Client service, it is working (with linked mode disabled).

View solution in original post

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Any update on getting this working in the Web Client?  Other requirements mean I can't just disable vCenter Linked Mode.  I only need VSC on this primary vCenter; the other sites aren't NetApp storage anyway.

I've got the same greyed-out screen in Web Client with the red unsupported warning and just spinning "Loading Storage System Details"

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Same problem. it worked in the classic client (seperately)

we need linked mode (SRM, shared licences, single management view)

we also need VSC and use it in our vsphere 5.0 setup (VSC 4.2) fine!


is there any work around such as removing linked mode. carrying out 2 installs and get them working them re-enable linked mode or will it just come back? is there a config file we can stop the check for linked mode happening?

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Can we run VSC 4.2.1 on vsphere 5.5 U1?

that is our current thought process until this is fixed. anyone doing this?

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Any updates on running VSC against a vcenter in linked mode?

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Little bit off topic, but to all People who working with VSC 4.x or 5.x how u mange your Snap Vault Relations VM Backups to a Secondary Filer ?We still using On Command Host packages 1.3 with Data protection Manager from Netapp and it Works with VMWAERE 5.5 ( Local Backup, the Snap Vault VMWARE . Are they any Changes in the VSC 5 Version, that a Local Backup can be Snapvaultet to a Secondary Filer without Scripts, or still only Snapmirror function?


Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

SV is supported in VSC 5.0 (finally!) but only for those on 8.2 CLUSTER mode (yeh cheers!)

we use the SMVI.cmd scripts but not formally supported and a pain to manage

We are foced to use 4.2.1 on our setup as we cant use VSC 5.0 due to this linked mode issue. Why not release a fix and let us run the instances seperately like we did with VSC 4.x?


Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Same problem here.

Worked in vSphere client.

But now with VSC 5.0 it just hangs on "Loading storage system details...".

We need linked-mode AND VSC

I don't need VSC to be linked-mode aware or anything like that, the way it worked before was just OK; two seperate, non-aware of each other, instances.

So... netapp?!? 


Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

I just encountered a problem which suggests that Backup and Recovery in 4.2.1 isn't supported on Windows 2012 (R2).

Getting the error: 503 problem accessing /smvi/gwtrpc service unavailable. https://communities.netapp.com/thread/34048

So it is not possible for us to use 4.2.1 unless we install it on two 2008 R2 servers, just for VSC...?!?

Looking forward to a working VSC 5.1; without the linked-mode error (linked-mode support not needed)!


Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

It just goes from bad to worse doesnt it. We have worked with netapp since 2007. In the last 18 months they have really gone downhill

1. VSC 5.0 takes months to come out then doesnt support linked mode even with 2 seperate installations of VSC

2. VSC 5.0 drops support for single file restore and then says it might come back later (like WTF)

3. VSC 4.2.1 gets released but doesnt work properly for most people using vsphere 5.5

Where does this leave people on vSphere 5.5 wanting to use VSC. I guess looking for an alternative product to do the job (we are already evaluating)

It also really grates me that we cannot upgrade our Data on Tap to 8.2.x because only snapdrive 7 is supported for exchange in 8.2 and above, and guess what snapdrive 7 only supports exchange 2013 which was less than 6 months old when they made that decision. for now we are stuck on DOT 8.1.x as we run exchange 2010 on snapmanager 6.0.x and stuck with VSC 4.2.1 which we now have to run on seperaste 2008 R2 servers. total nightmare. thanks netapp.....

Re: VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?


We're a happy VSC user now for a couple of years, and only now running into problems due to our currently not supported  setup.

We're also a (happy) VEEAM user and really looking forward to VEEAM v8, which may eliminate the need for VSC Backup and Recovery.

VEEAM v8 offers Netapp integration (VM create snap, Netapp snap, VM delete snap/snap commit,  VEEAM mount netapp lun(s)/export(s), VEEAM backup from Netapp snap, delete Netapp snap)

If however it is possible to keep the VEEAM orchestrated Netapp snap (which could be snapmirrored) then VSC Backup and Recovery is no longer a need for us.

I still don't know if it is possible to keep this snapshot though (without snapvault), but i sure do hope it will be!

The only other thing we use in VSC is Monitoring and Host Configuration, but fur us is really only needed once per ESXi host for NFS settings,etc. this could also be done by hand.

Though the overall view is nice we could do without. VSC of course has more functionality, but we don't use it.

More info: http://go.veeam.com/v8-netapp

VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?

Just wanted to come in and let everyone know that you've been heard loud and clear, and it is something we're intensely investigating with VMware.  I can't go into too many details here, but I will say that the backend [read: API] functionality with SSO isn't as robust with web client as it is/was with the VIC.

We're hoping to get a lot of these things fixed in the upcoming maintenance release.

Thank you for all of the information, and most importantly, your patience!  We're on it!


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