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VSC install issue

Hi Gurus

I downloaded VSC 2.0 32 bit version and try to install it. but get the sth wrong.

It reports 1152: Error extracting C:\DOCUME~1\.....  Storage Console 2.0 for VMware vSphere.msi to the temporary location.

Please see attachment.  I tried it in 3 servers and download the binaray twice but get same result.




Re: VSC install issue


Looks like an extraction issue but just to double check. Are you seeing this?




Re: VSC install issue

I already found it's language issue when do self-extraction.   after change the language to English (united state), it could install.

I changed two places. one is region option - > standard and formats.  another place is advanced -> non-unicode setting. Unfortunately, I have to reboot server after change the above language settings.

I check the CLI cmd, it has a option /L language_id.  I am not sure if i could help.  I did not find a documents which explain the CLI installation.

VSC install issue

Thans chao,  resolved the issue for us as well with VSC 2.1.1.

NetApp, please fix.

Re: VSC install issue

My case is on VSC 5.0.

Just because there is a character of "register mark" symbol, which is used as part of the filename of the msi file (which is extracted from exe file).

This character is not valid for filename when OS runs in Chinese.

This is stupid, especially it still happens on VSC 5.0.

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