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VSC not mounting backup


I am using VSC5.0. I have a multi site environment and i've just read on another thread that the current version of VSC does not support this configuration since our Virtual Servers are currently linked.  Looks like we'll have to consider turning linking off...  This is a huge design consideration which somebody is going to have to make...


On my only current working VSC installation i've conducted some functionality testing.  I've been able to restore a single VM from a local snapshot with no problems.  However, when I mount a backup it does not work at all.  For example, if I mount 'backup1' job to esxhost1, VSC says that it's done it but when I check the storage tab on esxhost1 there is nothing there.  I've refreshed the storage on the host but the so called 'mounted datastore' still isn't there.  Is there something that i'm missing?

I look forward to your responses.



I'm still having this issue.  Since my SVM is load balanced I believe it may have something to do with this...


Is there a way that I could implement something that would immediately update the ls-set snapmirror so that my ESX host can see the mounted datastore?