VSC or Snapmirror

Hi -

I have a pair of FAS6280 running 8.04 7Mode. We have a sizable  virtual infrastructure and the admin before me did not deploy VSC. Well since then I deployed VSC 4.1 into our environment and would prefer to snap the vm's that way. Currently the admin before me would snap the entire datasore to the other controller and vice versa.

Just a high level example.

FILERA presents (2) NFS datastores to the Esx 5 environment called DS1_FILERA and DS2_FILERA

then FILERB would present (2) NFS datastores to the ESX 5 environment called DS1_FILERB and DS2_FILERB

Now the FILERA datastores are snapped to FILERB and FILERB datastores are snapped to FILERA.  Would it be better just to use VSC?

thoughts? pros/cons?

Re: VSC or Snapmirror

Are FILERA & FILERB at the same physical site? If so I would use VSC to snap each datastore. If you have a DR site you could then have VSC update the necessary DR SnapMirror relationships after each VSC backup.

Re: VSC or Snapmirror

Yes FILERA and FILERB are a HA pair at the same site. I considered the very similar idea as well and I like it. Any other tips would greatly be appreciated.