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how to mount an Snapshot from SMVI Backup to an server



we have some datastores (volumes) on our netapp.

Now i try to backup the VMs with the netapp backup included Virtual Storage Console.

i can see the snapshots - and i can list them with the sdcli

sdcli snap list -sdf netappvm -sdv datastore1

i see them.

But how can i mount them locally ?

normally i use for the other Snapshots (another netapp)

sdcli snap mount -r DBSERVER1 -k o -s DBSERVER1_customer_log_0000AM -d s

but this doesnt work here.

How ca i get these snapshots mounted locally ?

i tried:

sdcli snap mount -s "smvi__TestBackup_date" -sdf netappvm -sdv datastore1 -d k: -k

doesnt work...

Any ideas ?



Not sure about the command line but in VSC and if this a VMFS LUN then

- highlight one of the VM or the VM that you want to restore

- click on mount icon in the 4.1 VI client

- pick a snapshot backup

- select a ESX server

- A new VMFS LUN with the snapshot ID will show as ID 0

- Attach the vmdk file to one of the VM that’s on the ESX server that you selected

- You might need to assign a drive letter if the VM has more than one partition

You might need NFS and Flex Clone license


i want to mount these snapshot local to our backupserver to backup these files...

or is there any other option to backup these snapshots to tape over BackupExec 12.5 ?



I know this is a way old thread, but did you find a solution? I am looking to do the same (except with BackupExec 2010).

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