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VSC powershell module requests


I have a couple requests for the powershell module for VSC

  1. Please please make it more available and not convoluted in the install ISO. This (and others ?) module should be available in the Toolchest in my opinion.
  2.  Please add cmdlets for monitor controls in the module. I have a small environment, and skipping hosts one by one in the vCenter gui is really annoying.

Thanks in advance



I agree with your first point, I would really love to see a "modern" distribution method for the PowerShell tools - being available in the PSGallery, for example, would make it a lot easier to use the modules than having to manually install a Toolkit, or (in the case of VSC) download the entire ISO to dig the module out. I, unfortunately, don't have the power to change it, but for what it's worth I agree with you. 🙂 


For your second point, can you clarify on what you mean by "monitor controls"? Can you give me an example of a use case that you'd like to be able to solve with the VSC cmdlets?


If I’ve understood the functonality correctly you can control if VSC monitors a hosts settings, and throws a warning if it drifts. It’s located in the host rightclick menu (Monitor-start/skip), and must be set one host at a time.


The monitor setting isn’t persistent though, so a restart of the VSC means it’s lost and must be reset. More then a few hosts, and it gets a bit tedious. 


Both these request are about QoL and ease of use, which I think the could be better. Definitively hope they’ll do something about the powershell modules. 


Ah yes, you are correct - there doesn't appear to be a VSC cmdlet to accomplish that today. 


Assuming the hosts in question are ESXi hosts, another option would be to use the PowerCLI cmdlet "Get-AdvancedSetting" and/or "Set-AdvancedSetting" as part of a script to collect the values of the NFS settings set by VSC and ensure that they are compliant.


You could take it a step further and use a framework like Vester  to test and optionally remediate your configuration.  


Anyway, hopefully that helps!