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VSC update not finding backup scedules


Hello all,

I upgraded VSC on my vCenter last night from version 2.1.1 to 4.2.1 but now the plugin does not see any of my backups or the schedules I had setup.

When I ran the install .exe it knew that it was an upgrade and said would I like to upgrade so "yes"

later it asked me should it clear out old data and I said "no" because I wanted to keep the config.

Now I don't recall it asking me to an install location (and I wasn't expecting one as it's an upgrade)

but I think it installed the new version on C:\Program Files\NetApp\... there are newly created files there.

but the original installation is on D:\Program Files\NetApp\... and is still there.

I can't tell whether the D drive files are in a healthy state or not as the Server only thinks it has 4.2.1 installed on it.

1 - Is there a way I can check that I am correct with regards to those locations being linked to those versions?

2 - Can I revert back to the old version without loosing any data? if so how would I do this? I tried running the installer for 2.1.1 but it knew there was a later version.

3 - Can I retrieve the configuration from old into the new instance?

4 - Is there a better solution to my predicament?

Many thanks




In case anyone every has a similar issue.

I managed to resolve the issue by uninstalling 4.2.1 and then running a fresh install and pointing the install location at the old 2.1 location it kept the configuration and looks to be working fine.