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VSC 5.0 Web Client - Backup & Recovery Tab Missing


This may be a dumb question but i have been unable to find any documentation on the subject.

I just upgraded to vSphere 5.5 and ran a fresh install of VSC 5.0 as I was moving the VSC to another server. After the install, I followed the following KB to copy the backup jobs to the new server. https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1011871

If I right click on an object and select "Mount Backup" from the VSC menu I can see all of the old backup jobs. Based on that, it looks like it can see the previous backups, but...I don't have a Backup and Recovery tab to create and manage backup schedules.

Am I missing the Backup & Recovery tab or does it not exist anymore?


Re: VSC 5.0 Web Client - Backup & Recovery Tab Missing


Over the weekend I did some more digging and found a few videos that outline how to manage backups in the new VSC 5.0.


It looks like the Backup & Recovery tab IS gone. The new "Backup Jobs" page is located on the 'vCenter Home' page, expand 'NetApp' and click 'Backup Jobs'.

For me, it would seem easier if we could get to the Backup Jobs page by clicking on the "Virtual Storage Console" link from 'Home'. At least have a link to it from the VSC home.

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