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Vibe with a windows 2008 domain controller?


When i used vibe.exe with a windows 2003 server, the active directory became corrupted because i did not disabled the syncdriver in the vm hardware.

I cant find the syncdriver in windows 2008 because it is not supported in windows 2008 vmwaretools.

Is there anybody out there who is succesfully using the vibescript with a windows 2008 domain controller, and did you do anything special?




I have not tested VIBE with W2K8, but there should be no direct correlation to the Windows environment except through whatever VMware tools are installed (for either Windows Server release).  W2K3 definitely works but again, it depends on whatever Sync driver you are using.

If you want to avoid VMware snapshots and that problem altogether, you can use the --novmsnap option.  Also note that not doing VMware snapshots is not best practice as it does not leave the VM in a traditionally consistent state as far as VMware is concerned.

Please let me know if you have any other issues.  Thanks,




I haven't used VIBE but am wondering if the VSS writer VMware introduced into their tools in 3.5 U2 would prevent the corruption of the AD directory due to the Sync Driver?

BTW NIce SRM doc!


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