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Arcserve NDMP


Looking to find out if anyone using Arcserve 12 with NDMP option to backup their data ?




Re: Arcserve NDMP


I am in the process of implementing NDMP backups with ArcServe 12.  I realize it's been several months since this post, but I've hit a number of challenges, so would love to discuss what your experiences have been.



Re: Arcserve NDMP


I have stopped using NDMP totally.  I was hoping it was like a "iscsi for tape" solution.

We used iscsi luns and if I created a 100GB lun it would be backup up as a 100GB lun in Arcserve even if I am using 10GB.

Arcserve's implmentation was pretty weak in my opinion and the support staff were not knowledgeable enough to help me in my case at least.

For me I am hoping for iscsi tape drives to become more prevelant and also working towards disk based backups.

I am in the SMB arena using ESX3.x and I would not really want to connect a tape drive directly to a ESX host, not sure if and how it would work.....

If you have more questions please let me kno