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Currently my smvi logs are taking to much space on the server, is there a way for me to modify the location of these logs to a bigger storage system or can I compress these files ? The current location is (C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\log) .

Thank you


Re: Virtual Storage Console smvi logs

Hi Edwin,

I am reposting a response by joshb earlier:

"Check the file <SMVI install dir>/server/etc/smvi.override. See if this file exists and contains the entry 'vim.client.log.verbose=true'. If it does, either add a '#' to the front of the line or replace true with false. This entry will load every SOAP request we make to VC and can increase log file sizes."

Currently, we are restricting the log files to 20MB and will retain them upto 7 days.

Re: Virtual Storage Console smvi logs

Hi Edwin,

In case you want to change the log file location  - here are the steps that worked for me :

  • Basically you need to open the smvi.war file using a file archiver tool like 7-Zip (The war file in my case was located at C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\lib)
  • Next in the war file open the file WEB-INF\
  • Edit the following property to set the new location for the log files. log4j.appender.file.File=C:/joel/log/server.log
  • Save the file and make sure the smvi.war is updated with your change.
  • Restart the “NetApp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure” service so that the configuration changes are picked up.

Once you restart the service you should see content added to the log file in the new location.



Re: Virtual Storage Console smvi logs

Hi Joel,

Thank you for your solution,

I have change the file as noted, I will wait and see

Thank you again