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vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC



Is there any support for VSC when you have two (or more) vcenter servers in linked mode?

I have tried it and can only see the primary VC server from within VSC. Doesnt matter which address I connect to using the VC client it always only shows the one VC.

I want VSC on the second VC for quick deployments of view desktops...

This was my install method:

  1. Existing VC in place working fine with latest VSC
  2. Installed new VC linking it to the existing VC - again works fine - can only see hosts connected to existing VC so..
  3. Installed VSC on new VC - can only view settings for existing VC, the new VC is ignored.

Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC


It is supported and works fine.

When you are in the VSC console within VC you can select which of the servers from Linked Mode that you wish to use. The location bar along the top that has like "Home >  Solutions > NetApp > ServerName", if you click the server name you will get a drop down to select which of the VC servers you wish to use the VSC for.

Only thing you need to ensure is that you have access to the remote ports that VSC is running on from the workstation/server you are running the client from.

If you wanted a single pane of glass view for both VC servers inside the VSC then this isn't available as far as I know.

Hope this helps.


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Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC


I was searching for some info on VSC today, and ran across this thread. I saw the new VSC 4.0 was just released, and checked the IMT out of curiosity. There's a note saying that "vCenter Linked Mode is NOT supported with VSC for VMware vSphere". I don't see the note on VSC 2.x, only 4.0. I don't know if there's a bug introduced with 4.0 or what.

Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC


I see that VSC 4.1 has the same note in the IMT. Can anybody comment further on this, or say when/whether linked mode will be supported again with VSC?

Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC


After further searching, I found some answers here.

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