how many volumes for VMs?

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we are currently using a NetApp FAS2050. At the moment, we have 2 volumes for the VMDK LUNs without data dedup. Is it useful to make just one volume for all the VMDKs and activate data dedup? (Basically we have Windows 2003 Servers and a few Linux distributions running) Are there any disadvantages which we should know?

what about multipathing? are there any benefits in using more LUNs for the same volume as in using only one LUN?

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Re: how many volumes for VMs?

Wow, plenty of questions in one post!

Probably you'd be better off doing some initial reading about 'official' best practices: - for ESX 3.x - for vSphere 4

And this is your 'de-dupe bible':



Re: how many volumes for VMs?

Thanks for your reply!

As written down in the documentation, NetApp recommends a one-to-one alignment of VMware datastores to flexible volumes. Since I have changed our environment to this (1 LUN -> 1 Volume), I get the following message in vSphere Client:

On the mentioned VMs there is no multipathing anymore ... does it affect redundancy or HA?