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Re: lun resize

i dont understand either. this is my version

NetApp Release 8.0.1P3 7-Mode:

Re: lun resize

Apparently, the volume has space for LUN expansion. Without and with snapshor reserve, you can expand the lun by 58041MB. With complete snapshot reserve, you can expand the LUN by 29020MB. The reason under the first two conditions you can expand the LUN by the same amount is because the volume's fractional reserve is set to 0.

       Without snapshot reserve: 58041m (60860399616)

        With snapshot reserve: 58041m (60860399616)

        With complete snapshot reserve: 29020m (30429675520)

I think your issue with lun expansion may be attributed to Qtree. What's the quota limit on the qtree? you may want to create a LUN on the volume (not qtree) and try lun resize.



lun resize

you mean create another lun? My current lun is in use amd have virtual machines running on it. I want to be able to expand it.

lun resize

If you can't create a new LUN, could you check the Qtree quota limit? Maybe you can expand that and then you may be able to expand the current LUN? Just a thought.



Re: lun resize

you can not increase the LUN size more than 10x times original.....example when you assign 10 gb to the lun originally you can grow the lun size max 100gb...not more than 100gb.

Re: lun resize

The 10x rule was posted in several places but also disproven in another post (was news to me too).  From priv set advanced run "lun geometry" and you can see the max size you can grow the lun which will likely be more than 10x.

Re: lun resize

i also have same iissue:

is there any way that we can change this initial lun geometry without destroying and recreating lun

NAS01> vol size Vsphere_vol1

vol size: Flexible volume 'Vsphere_vol1' has size 800g

NAS01> lun resize /vol/Vsphere_vol1/vsphere_lun1 +100g

lun resize: New size exceeds this LUN's initial geometry

lun resize: max size: 511g (549747425280)

NAS01> lun maxsize /vol/Vsphere_vol1

Space available for a LUN of type: solaris, aix, hpux, linux, netware, vmware, openvms, xen, solaris_efi or image

        Without snapshot reserve: 744g (799895715840)

        With snapshot reserve: 744g (799895715840)

        With complete snapshot reserve: 372g (399963586560)

Space available for a LUN of type:  windows, windows_gpt, windows_2008 or hyper_v

        Without snapshot reserve: 745g (799990732800)

        With snapshot reserve: 745g (799990732800)

        With complete snapshot reserve: 372g (399946014720)

NAS01*>  lun geometry /vol/Vsphere_vol1/vsphere_lun1

SCSI Disk Geometry:

             512 bytes/sector

            1024 sectors/track

              16 tracks/cylinder (heads)

           16384 sectors/cylinder

           64000 cylinders

      1048576000 sectors

         8388608 cylinder size (8 MB)

    536870912000 device size (512000 MB)

   549747425280 max resize size (524280 MB)

Re: lun resize

You cannot. The only thing that can be changed is number of cylinders. But cylinder geometry (sectors per track and tracks per cylinder) is fixed when LUN is created.