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reset FAS3050

Hi all,

I have a 'used' FAS3050, but I can not connect to the console and also not to the RLM.
When I plug in the FAS3050 in to the network (eg via the e0a interface) a DHCP boot also did not work.

Now my question: how can I perform a reset or otherwise resolve the problem?

btw. I tried to press the NMI button during the power on, but without success

thx Hagen


Re: reset FAS3050

What do you mean by  'cant' connect to console/RLM' ? Aren't you able to see anything on the screen while you are connected ? If so,

It could be the case that your console card has gone bad. Open a support case with NetApp and they will ship the right parts !


Check out the KB!
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