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restore from nfs vol

I have SMVI setup on fas2040 to restore from NFS volume what additional software is required


Re: restore from nfs vol

You want to restore a VM from a NFS volume?

What is your goal?

Re: restore from nfs vol

If you are trying to do single VM restore - you need FlexClone licensed.

Re: restore from nfs vol

Now, if you have DOT 8.1 and later you don't need FlexClone license anymore so you can recovery your backups in a NFS environment.


Virtual Storage Console 4.1 for VMware® vSphere™ - Installation and Administration Guide

The FlexClone license is required in the following situations:

• You are using the Provisioning and Cloning capability to clone virtual machines.

• You are using the Backup and Recovery capability in NFS environments, and running a version of Data ONTAP prior to 8.1.

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