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vSphere 6.0 and NetApp Software


Hi everyone,


Since vSphere 6.0 has gone GA this week, I'm looking at what it would take to upgrade our current vSphere environment.  After a cursory review on the IMT, I didn't see updated information regarding any of the VMware specific integration software.  Is there an estimate when we'll get official word from NetApp regarding VSC / NFS for VAAI plugin / VASA?  Until there's an indication from NetApp, has anyone done this install in a lab and could share their experience integrating these tools with 6.0?


I'm looking to do a lab install and see what happens, but thought it might be nice to hear from the community to know what I'm getting into.  🙂


Re: vSphere 6.0 and NetApp Software


The last I heard the beta bits stopped working with vcenter6 in the post RC timeframe.  I would wait for updated VSC and VASA downloads to become available.



Re: vSphere 6.0 and NetApp Software


The only offical requirements I have seen from NetApp are as follows:


  • VSC 5.0.1 Beta
  • VASA Provider 6.0 for clustered Data ONTAP Beta
  • clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1


VSC and VSAP VP 6.0 will be released 'very soon' and will provide full support from what I understand. Personally, I will be labing this up once the they go GA.

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Re: vSphere 6.0 and NetApp Software


Interesting, a clustered DOT requirement.  Luckily I'm just in the midst of getting a new cDOT system.  Thanks for sharing!

Re: vSphere 6.0 and NetApp Software




Would this mean that the beta vasa+vsc we have at the moment will not work with vsphere6 GA?


I just spent my last 5 hours setting up a lab.. everything works ok until I try to register the VASA into VSC. I got an sslhandshare error at that point.

This might explain why.

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