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vSwicth for nfs and iscsi


This might be a vmware question, but netapp techs must came across this.

I have not found any document regarding both  protocol in
vmware environment for netapp storage in a single subnet.

Fas2040 is configured for  NFS and iscsi storages and both storage are in same subnet. .

Also have dell equallogic .

For the iscsi,  I can not use “Route Base IP hash"
Fot NFS , I have to use link aggregation with nic teaming load balance " route based IP hash"I put both NFS and Iscsi in same vswitch and noticed that VSC is mounting the NFS using iscsi port group eventhough the iscsi is configured to use " route based IP port is": nic teaming load balance policy.

Is there any way I can make NFS to use NFS port group?


Re: vSwicth for nfs and iscsi


1.     You can use 2 separate port groups for iSCSI and NFS (I believe you are already using it.) add separate vmKernel port for NFS and use specified port group.

2.     On NetApp Exports Permissions, only set root access & R/W access to IP assigned to NFS port group.     

Re: vSwicth for nfs and iscsi


Yes, I did create separate portgroup, VSC updates the exportfs with all IPs (iscsi and Nfs) .

Re: vSwicth for nfs and iscsi


The problem is that you are using the same subnet. Basically, the TCP/IP stack at the VMkernel level just sees some packets to route to x.x.x.x and it has two interfaces that matches.

It just picks up the first one I think.

In any situation you need a specific interface for a specific job, you should use a separate IP network. I think the iSCSI case is easier to manage since you can bind specific vmkernel to iSCSI, and not others but the problem is the same.

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