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vsc plugin localization

Hi NetApp team,


Today, I tried to localize vsc plugin to support i18n GUI as below(below image is example of Japanese).


So, please review attached my codes and post any feedback and/or questions


Re: vsc plugin localization

Chiba-san, that is great!  Thanks for taking the time to do this.  Have you run through all the workflows?  I ask in order to find if there are any words in the plugin that remain in English, which should be pushed to that dictionary file.

Best regards,

// David

Re: vsc plugin localization

David, I'm not fully tested with controller yet and I have to check more details of UI with NetApp controller and each functions. After that, I'll be feedback required keywords to improve i18n support.

And the other hand, IMHO design of netapp.js are far from original UI design of Apache CloudStack so my hack still not smart(manually call localization function for each html embed process). So please refectoring javascript code to make it more smart.



Re: vsc plugin localization

Got it.  We'll take a closer look as time permits. Thanks again for starting this!

// David

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