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How to forward alerts by powershell script in OCUM 6.3


Hi all


Finally the new OCUM Version 6.3RC1 offers the possiblity to forward alerts by script. I eagerly awaited this feature, because I use it on DFM for my 7-mode Systems already. The Problem for me now is, that I can't find any documentation on how to create such scripts.

My idea is it to create a powershell script where I can handle the alerts, set some severity rules on it and forward it to our event and alert collector System, which then  creates incidents and attach it to the operations teams. For all my scripts I create I use logfiles. How do I create a logfile in such a script I attach to OCUM and where can I store These logfiles? Does anyone has an idea about this? Maybe some  examples would be helpful.


thx and regards