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Manually upload Active IQ OneCollect files


Having issue with our Proxy blocking uploads of Active IQ onecollect jobs. Is there a way to manually upload these?


Re: Manually upload Active IQ OneCollect files


I'd file a support ticket...

For questions associated with Active IQ OneCollect, open a ticket from the OneCollect Tool by clicking on Help-> Report a Problem.


This page is used to manually upload ONTAP and E-Series AutoSupport messages. However, I'm not sure it supports upload of OneCollect data collection files.

Re: Manually upload Active IQ OneCollect files


It can be done with Perf Archives:


I would imagine the process is similar. You would need another system that doesn't have a proxy blocking it. I would open a trouble ticket though and get help with your proxy.


If you are trying to get ASUPs and have a proxy, why not configure ONTAP to use the proxy instead?

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