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Need clarification on connecting to NetApp controller without credentials (using service system account)


All, we are trying to figure out how to connect to a cluster controller without using the credential cache. According to the wf doc on page 22 - we should be able to use domain authentication. We tried using domain authentication of the WFA service account, and the logged in user, but we cannot connect. Can anyone provide clarification on this mechanism and how it works?


After initial data acquisition, you must configure the credentials for the arrays on which the

commands are run. PowerShell WFA controller connection works in two modes:

• With credentials

WFA tries to establish a connection using HTTPS and then tries using HTTP. You can also use

Microsoft Active Directory LDAP authentication to connect to arrays without defining

credentials in WFA. To use Active Directory LDAP, you must configure the array to perform

authentication with the same Active Directory LDAP server.

• Without credentials

WFA tries to establish a connection using domain authentication. This mode uses RPC protocol,

which is secured using NTLM protocol.





The "without credentials" is only valid for 7Mode ONTAP. cDOT can't work using the WFA service account credentials. You need to provide credentials ( domain or local) for cDOT. This is not a WFA limitation but cDOT's.

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Thank you. That is the answer I needed.

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