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Autosupport via http/https vs smtp


The System Administration Guide is silent as to the concurrent use of http/https and smtp for autosupport transport protocols.  Can autosupport.support.transport be set to both http/https and smtp?  Otherwise if accepting default http/https, how can customers receive alerts via autosupport.support.to ?  Is it common for message length to be restricted by smtp mail host?



all of the autosupport.support options are for how NetApp gets system automated messages.  autosupport.support.transport can be ONE of the following: http | https | smtp.

If you use SMTP then options autosupport.mailhost must be defined as an IP address or FQDN\name.  If you choose FQDN or name ensure that it is defined in /etc/hosts (perferred) or DNS.

If you want to recieve ASUP messages to your email account then configure the following:

autosupport.content          <minimal or maximum>
autosupport.enable           on
autosupport.from              <from address such as hostname@domain.name>
autosupport.mailhost        xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx <or define as name and put IP in /etc/hosts>
autosupport.retry.count      15         (value might be overwritten in takeover)
autosupport.retry.interval   4m         (value might be overwritten in takeover)
autosupport.to                  <smtp addresses of persons to notify or distribution lists.  semicolon seperated for multiple entries>

If you do not want SMTP ASUP messages then:

configure SNMP and use 3rd party monitoring product


use NetApp AppWatch with MOM\SCOM


configure syslog and send syslog messages to 3rd party product


Spence covered most of your questions. To be really clear...

Customers can only receive AutoSupport via SMTP, using "autosupport.to". Note: This is a filtered destination - only important AutoSupport messages are sent.

Partners (or Customers) can receive all AutoSupport transmissions (SMTP only), using "autosupport.partner.to". (7.3.x feature)

NetApp Support can receive via the selected transport protocol, all AutoSupport messages.

- If HTTP/HTTPS is selected, then they are sent to "autosupport.support.url" - optionally via a proxy (if specified)

- If SMTP is selected, then they are sent to "autosupport.support.to"

- Note: These NetApp Support destinations are hardcoded. If you do change it, they would revert back after a reboot.

I hope that helps.



     If am correct it may not be possible to specify both http/https & smtp for transport. If you specify http/https a proxy is required. If you specify SMTP it may not be required. I had trouble receiving alerts through http/https may be because i did not set them properly. But if you have an SMTP server then the below settings would help. Make sure you define your mail host as well at autosupport.mailhost.

autosupport.partner.to       autosupport@netapp.com,yourmailid@server.com
autosupport.performance_data.enable on
autosupport.retry.count      15         (value might be overwritten in takeover)
autosupport.retry.interval   4m         (value might be overwritten in takeover)
autosupport.support.enable   on
autosupport.support.to       autosupport@netapp.com
autosupport.support.transport smtp
autosupport.support.url      support.netapp.com/asupprod/post/1.0/postAsup
autosupport.throttle         on
autosupport.to               autosupport@netapp.com,yourmailid@server.com

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