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How to disable daily AUSP


Dear  All,

When I upgrade DOT 8.1 or later, I will receive these mail everyday as follows,


HA Group Notification from XXXXXX (MANAGEMENT_LOG) INFO

Can I disable these mail,but need keep (WEEKLY_LOG) and alert log.




You must run this command

options autosupport.performance_data.enable off

options autosupport.local.nht_data.enable off

run priv set diag

autosupport filter modify -autosupport-message management.log -to disabled
autosupport filter modify -autosupport-message performance.data -to disabled
autosupport filter modify -autosupport-message weekly -to enabled


Hi - Amend the ASUP settings from the CLI. The options you want to check are:


autosupport.local.nht_data.enable (This Options should be OFF already)

The Weekly autosupports are generated by these settings, so leave these as they are.




I have setup these before,

options autosupport.performance_data.enable off

options autosupport.local.nht_data.enable off

But It still not work.



PERFORMANCE DATA and MANAGEMENT LOG is now sent daily, in order to smooth out the Sunday traffic and minimize the potential for information being truncated in the WEEKLY LOG.

WEEKLY LOG no longer contains any log files. They are sent exclusively by MANAGEMENT LOG daily.

MANAGEMENT LOG is very important for NetApp to receive for system diagnosis during technical cases, as well as for detection of system risks.

PERFORMANCE DATA is required for performance trending and to provide the performance graphs in My AutoSupport.

NetApp recommends that you allow both to be sent daily.

MANAGEMENT LOG cannot be individually controlled for sending to NetApp.

PERFORMANCE DATA can be controlled by the "options autosupport.performance_data.enable" command.

Are you specifying e-mail addresses via "autosupport.partner.to"?

If that is how you are seeing these AutoSupport e-mails, then see Bug 605902


This bug describes a regression where partner.to e-mail destinations always receive PERFORMANCE DATA, regardless of the options setting.


Hi Kevin, Andris,

you are able to disable these mails from being sent to the note.to and to recipients, but not from being sent to the partner.to.

To disable these, you will need to use the autosupport trigger modify command.

You can read up on this in the man page of the autosupport command.


Like the NetApp Support destination, the e-mail destinations specified in the autosupport.partner.to option will receive all AutoSupports NetApp Support does (i.e. essentially unfiltered).

The "autosupport trigger" command only configures which events are sent to the ".to" and ".noteto" destinations.


I have other question. What's different between theses setting. autosupport.noteto                      autosupport.partner.to      autosupport.performance_data.doit DONT      autosupport.performance_data.enable off    


This is well-documented in the 8.1 System Administration Guide, as well as on-box man pages.


Look in Monitoring the storage system --> Managing AutoSupport --> AutoSupport Options

In short:

  • autosupport.noteto sends a very short e-mail that just contains the AutoSupport subject line to the listed e-mail recipients. It is potentially filtered (see: autosupport triggers)
  • autosupport.partner.to sends complete AutoSupport messages to the listed e-mail recipients. It is not filtered (same ASUP messages as one sent to NetApp Support)
  • autosupport.performance_data.doit is a command to collect performance statistics and send as PERFORMANCE SNAPSHOT AutoSupport messages, on-demand. Similar in concept to the autosupport.doit command that sends USER_TRIGGERED AutoSupport messages.
  • autosupport.performance_data.enable controls whether PERFORMANCE DATA is sent to NetApp Support and partner.to destinations (except there's a bug with partner.to).
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